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Monday, January 27, 2014

a few more mermaids swimming this way


I keep starting this post and not liking anywhere it ends up.  Words are difficult, shifty, uncooperative little buggers and that's why my work is usually visually based.

So I give up on anything overly informative, clever, amusing, etc.
Simply, I am in midst of editing photos for some new Etsy listings which include more items in my mermaid collection. I had been planning to have a new collection on the way by now, but every time I sat down to create, I kept getting pulled back to mermaid.  I intend to keep the mermaid as a regular collection, but I had felt like I needed a bit of a break and was looking forward to something different, but it's funny how things work.  For now I will roll with it.

I hope to have the new items up throughout this week.
Till then, here's one mermaid inspired necklace and a couple simple hair clips that will be on their way: